NOMINATED for “Best Cultural Documentary” and “Best Editing”

2016 MidSouth Emmy Awards

Thomas Sayre’s art making process blends art and science, addresses the past and future, and joins the natural and manmade in a sometimes dangerous dance of gravity and grace.

Bringing Sayre’s massive sculptures out of the earth is always collaborative, involving whole communities and many individuals who might not otherwise meet. The art making process begins with thoughtful conversations among citizens and elected officials about the work that they aim to commission and the messages to be conveyed. This experience of give and take flies in the face of the stereotype of the artist as lone maverick or misanthrope. Indeed, when Sayre is most successful, the pleasure of creation is broadly shared and relationships endure. 

The documentary EARTHCASTER explores these themes and is being shown on public television, at film festivals, and special events across the country beginning in 2016. Because Thomas Sayre’s installations are so large and far flung, the medium of film is the only way to capture a comprehensive retrospective of his most unusual and dramatic work. View two-minute trailer below.

GYRE, permanent collection NC Museum of Art, Raleigh         

NEST, private collection, Staunton, VA                                

A   D O C U M E N T A R Y  B Y  M I N N O W   M E D I A

Filming installation of FORUM, Baltimore, MD                             

Minnow Media is pleased to announce that EARTHCASTER has been accepted by American Public Television and is being picked up by WORLD television for broadcast on Sunday, June 25 at 9 pm ET in major markets, including Boston, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Other public television stations around the country will also feature the documentary beginning in May and continuing over the next three years. Thanks again for your interest and support!

Big congratulations to Thomas Sayre whose New York gallery debut of paintings opened on April 20th, at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery in Manhattan


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SEE THE FULL DOCUMENTARY on the North Carolina Channel on UNC-TV

Wednesday, May 31 @ 10pm  

Thurs, June 1 @ 1pm 

Saturday, June 3 @ 3pm